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Miraflores specializes in content based materials. La especialidad de Miraflores es material basado en el contenido.

publishes cultural materials for learning Spanish and French:
  • Books - Content based, interdisciplinary materials for the entire year
  • EBooks - Same as above in ebook format
  • Thematic units - Organized by country, every country represented
  • Writing activities - Web-based, great topics
  • Oral presentations - Web-based, culturally relevant topics

 Interdisciplinary enrichment resources for adolescents and adults

Interdisciplinary cultural information about the target culture.
About us

Miraflores was founded by Eva Neisser Echenberg out of her own frustration of not finding cultural materials for her own students. The great majority of units were first written for her students. Her "Aha" moment was when her level four students, those studying the subjunctive, could not tell the difference between Honduras and Argentina, could not find them on the map and could not give a single characteristic. It was clear at that moment that something was amiss in the class.

Eva believes that language learning should be interdisciplinary and speak to all students. She hopes that a positive view of the Other will be one of the lasting objectives of learning another language and culture.

Miraflores has been in business since 1994 and is based in Montreal, QC Canada.

Members of the Miraflores team:
  • Erica Wood, editor
  • Jasmin Fischer, office manager
  • Ingrid Stockbauer, Isabelle Champoux, graphic design
  • Eva Neisser Echenberg
  • Diane Duchaine
  • Emilia Deffis
  • Marie-Claudine Rostaign
  • Céline Dudemaine
  • Margo Echenberg