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Útil - web based writing activities

Útil - web based writing activities - book format, ring binder
A teacher´s best resource for writing assignments. Varied and interdisciplinary. Content driven.
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Sales price: $15.00

fullyreproducibleÚtil - web based writing activities

Spanish » Printed Material » Writing Activities » ÚTIL, Web-based writing activities
ISBN 978-2-921554-98-5

Size: 8 ½ x 5 ½
Price: $14.99

Intended audience: all levels

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The best resource for writing ideas.

Gives KEY WORDS, not web addresses to guide your Internet search. The KEY WORDS direct you to images and information that bring alive the Spanish speaking world. The writing assignments suggest interesting and exciting topics using the information you have found.

A great gift idea with outstanding images!
    • brings learning languages into the digital world
  • is completely bilingual
  • has over 200 Internet assignments
  • can be used by all levels
  • is filled with AMAZING cultural images
In addition, the assignments
  • promote authentic language experiences
  • actively develop knowledge
  • bring the Spanish speaking world into the students' world
  • allow students to learn authentic culture
  • can be used as individual, group or project work

To quote a teacher:


...a great resource. I like it, especially because it gives the students choices and it allows for creativity.