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About Útilfridakahlo deer

Útil, Web-based writing activities, provides a wealth of topics for both teachers and students. It requires the student to use the Internet as a research tool and discover fascinating aspects of the Spanish speaking world. Each page has a specific set of cultural suggestions, divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels plus a category called In my country. Because Útil has key search words both in Spanish and English, it will never go out of date; it will remain a rich resource manual that will coordinate with any program or text.
Útil is meant to advance cultural knowledge through the students´ natural attraction to digital media. It integrates technology and promotes authentic and interactive communication.

For example, in the assignment called Mira los animales, students work with a series of paintings that include animals. The beginners are asked to identify and describe the animals in 3 specific Frida Kahlo paintings. In the assignment dealing with Madrid museums, a thief steals a painting. Which painting does he take? Why does he take that specific painting? How does he make his getaway? Does he get caught? Another example, called La Copa Mundial, deals with clothing. Students research and write about the different mascots for several World Cups. What do the students have to do? Click on Free Preview and find out.


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Útil - web based writing activities

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