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Segundo paso a la cultura (teacher|profesor)

Segundo paso a la cultura - (profesor) unidades temáticas interdisciplinarias. Vista previa disponible.
Énfasis en los países andinos: el mercado de Otavalo, la mina de Potosí...
Sales price: $25.50

Segundo paso a la cultura | Teacher's edition

Spanish » Books » Spanish Level 2 » Segundo paso a la cultura
ISBN 978-2-921554-91-7

Publication date: 2005, updated 2010

Number of pages: 154
Price $25.50 per book 

Level of difficulty: Intermediate 1 / Europe 1B

Intended audience: adolescents and adults

Student Edition: downloadpreview

Teacher's Edition: downloadpreview

Teacher's edition



Identical to student edition. PLUS: answer key, additional cultural information and model tests. The additional cultural information allows teachers and students to further develop the theme in many different directions.

Learning Spanish is much more than conjugating verbs and memorizing vocabulary! Most of the chapters in this book are about the Andean countries and are as varied as their geography. The chapters deal with art, science, education, animals, archeology and more! They include the Amazon, the Potosí mine, private and public education. Go beyond learning vocabulary and grammar and become a world citizen.




1. La educación
2. El mercado de Otavalo


3. Los deportes

El mundo natural

4. Ecuador: los Andes
5. Perú: el río Amazonas
6. Chile: el desierto de Atacama


7. La llama
8. La mina de Potosí


9. Cusco
10. El Señor de Sipán


11. Fernando Botero
12. Cartagena de Indias


11. El Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido
12. La cigüeña blanca