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About "Paso a la Cultura"

Paso a la cultura are a series of three interdisciplinary thematic books that introduce the extraordinary cultural wealth of the Spanish speaking world. In a traditional description they would be called content based graded readers. They allow teachers to present culture from day 1. calendarioaztecaThe first book is meant for beginners, the second for early intermediate and the third one for late intermediate learners. They include not only a reading but also further information on the subject, critical thinking questions for oral work, grammatical exercises and a list of key words for further searches on the Web. These books are meant for adolescents and adults to learn language through the fascinating culture of the Hispanic world. The subjects include sports, music, civil rights, painting, indigenous cultures, the natural world and many more. The units in the first book, Primer paso, are about the Spanish speaking world in general, Segundo paso emphasises the Andean countries and Tercer paso deals with the countries of the Southern Cone.

What do we mean when we say the Miraflores materials develop critical thinking skills? It means that after reading, writing and speaking about a subject, the student understands that the world is complicated. That most answers are not black or white, right or wrong. Take for example the unit about archeologists digging up artifacts in Peru. Who do the artifacts belong to: the archeological team, the people from the village who are the direct descendants and are hungry or a museum? A must that museum be in the same country or can it be in a different country?

What do you know about storks? Find out! How about soap operas, the Aztec calendar, the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere, the Otavalo market, the Potosí mine, Simón Bolívar, the Nazca Lines, Almodóvar and García Lorca and many more wonderful subjects.

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Paso a la cultura (s)

Primer paso a la cultura

Primer paso a la cultura - unidades...

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Segundo paso a la cultura

Segundo paso a la cultura - unididades...

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Tercer paso a la cultura

Tercer paso a la cultura - unidades...

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