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AP1K - Las culturas indígenas

Abrir paso 1K - Las Culturas Indígenas - tres unidades didácticas -
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Copán: una ciudad maya, El calendario azteca, Las misteriosas Líneas de Nasca
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AP1K - Las Culturas Indígenas

Abrir paso Level 1
ISBN 978-2-923851-33-4
Price: $9.99


Las culturas indígenas

  • Copán: una ciudad maya
  • El calendario azteca
  • Las misteriosas Líneas de Nasca

The fact that some calendars are round and others are rectangles shows the diversity of our world. It does not matter whether we divide the year into 20 months or 12 months, we will end up with the same number of days. How is this possible? This unit underlines the fact that we are all inhabitants of the same planet. Learning about the many views of diversity is important!

The indigenous cultures of Central and South America allow you to practice basic vocabulary and grammar. The unit on the Maya reviews numbers in two different formats: the Maya and ours. The unit on the Nasca Lines deals with animals and the body.

  • Subject matter: mayas, aztecas; nasca and other cultures
  • Vocabulary: numbers; days, weeks and year; body
  • Grammar: adverbs of place; tener; articles
  • Oral practice: other calendars; extraterrestrials
  • Homework: other calendars; mysteries
  • Internet: key words for Net search
  • Model tests and teacher's guide