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AP1J - Más personajes históricos

Abrir paso 1J - Más personajes históricos - tres unidades
Carlos V, Moctezuma y Cortés y Simón Bolívar
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AP1J - Más Personajes Históricos

Abrir paso Level 1
ISBN 978-2-923851-32-7
Price: $9.99


Más personajes históricos

  • Carlos V
  • Moctezuma y Cortés
  • Simón Bolívar

Teach the vocabulary of the house with Bolivar's home. His house had a large room to pray and an area for the animals. There were two dining rooms but only one small bathroom. Compare this house with the one your own. This is authentic cultural information!

The animals of the Old World! The foods of the New World! Today we cannot imagine Europe without tomatoes or the American west without cattle! And what about those invisible animals, the viruses and bacteria that killed the indigenous population? Only through content based units can you transmit so much information and promote culture understanding with simple vocabulary and beginner grammar.

We have all done different versions of family trees in class. Try working on the family tree of Charles V. Introduce his grandparents, Isabel and Ferdinand, the Catholic kings. Compare his family to yours and practice the vocabulary of the family. Check out a map of Charles V's world and practice the names of the languages then spoken.

  • Subject matter: family and empire; New and Old Worlds; independence
  • Vocabulary: family; plants and animals, house
  • Grammar: posessive adjectives; tener; ¿dónde? ¿qué?
  • Oral practice: family; domestic and wild animals; house
  • Homework: tree of royal families; animals of two worlds
  • Internet: key words for Net search
  • Model tests and teacher's guide