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AP1I - México D.F.

Abrir paso 1I - México D.F.- Tres unidades interdisciplinarias
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La Ciudad de México, La calle Madero y Coyoacán
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AP1I - México D.F.

Abrir paso Level 1
ISBN 978-2-923851-31-0
Price: $9.99


México D.F.

  • La Ciudad de México
  • La calle Madero
  • Coyoacán

A great city, a busy downtown street, a famous neighborhood! Get a sense of the size of one of biggest cities on our planet. Discover how the past and the present are visible in the city. Walk down a street between two of the main plazas and practice street numbers for the different stores on Calle Madero. March around the lovely square in the neighborhood that Frida Kahlo called her own. Practice the basic vocabulary of the city, the times of the day and review the singular and plural of nouns. Basic language structure and vocabulary are well matched to sophisticated ideas.

  • Subject matter: city; one street; one neighborhood
  • Vocabulary: city; street; meals
  • Grammar: definite articles; agreement; hay/ no hay; ar, er, ir verbs
  • Oral practice: two pictures; a street; two schedules
  • Homework: my city; identify a given street; two schedules
  • Internet: key words for Net search
  • Model tests and teacher's guide