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AP1H - El español en el mundo

Abrir paso 1H - El español en el mundo - tres unidades interdisciplinarias - Vista previa disponible
Más mapas de Latinoamérica y más mapas de España
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AP1H - El español en el mundo

Abrir paso Level 1
ISBN 978-2-923851-30-3
Price: $9.99

El español en el mundo

    • Más mapas de Latinoamérica
    • Más mapas de España

More contextualized maps! Practice the alphabet and geography, first with basic information and then with a game. Learn to recognize the shapes of different Spanish speaking countries! Practice the pronunciation of the names of the countries! Analyze and compare the size and population of different countries and compare them to your own country. Make logical conclusions with the information. Combine lots of content with very elementary language. Only with content-based units is it possible to introduce so much cultural information!

    • Subject matter: geography; countries and languages
    • Vocabulary: alphabet, countries, capitals, languages
    • Grammar: es / no es; es / son; singular and plural of nouns
    • Oral practice: names of countries, capitals; alphabet game
    • Homework: indentify countries where different languages are spoken
    • Internet: key words for Net search
    • Model tests and teacher's guide