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AP1G - México

Abrir paso 1G - México - tres unidades interdisciplinarias - Vista previa disponible
Los ambulantes, El metro en la Ciudad de México, la independencia de México
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AP1G - Méxicodownloadpreview

Abrir paso Level 1
ISBN 978-2-923851-29-7
Price: $9.99


Los ambulantes

El metro en la Ciudad de México

La independencia de México


Why are there so many street vendors in Latin America?

    • What do they sell?
    • Find out the answers and review clothing!
    • Viva mexico1Take the metro and the bus! Learn the words and their genders for different modes of transportation. Do some simple arithmetic to figure out the number of metro riders in Mexico City by car, by day and by hour. Attractive pictures make you feel like you are there.

Miguel Hidalgo declared Mexico's independence from Spain from the steps of a church in a little town. Have your students practice right, left and center by finding the stores and restaurants in that same town today. Practice the vocabulary of the house with Miguel Hidalgo's home. Compare Mexico's independence to your own country. There are many comparisons that can be made: dates, bells, heroes and more.

Subject matter: street vendors; transport; independence

Vocabulary: clothing; transport; city and buildings

Grammar: singular and plural; articles; prepositions of place

Oral practice: street vendors; transport; independence

Homework: describe a picture; transport I use; draw a map

Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search