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AP1F - España: Andalucía

Abrir paso 1F - tres unidades interdisciplinarias - Vista previa disponible
Andalucía: Ganador(a)del premio "Visita Andalucía"; Granada: La Alhambra; Una ciudad española: Torremolinos
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AP1F - España: Andalucía downloadpreview

Abrir paso Level 1
ISBN 978-2-923851-28-0
Price: $9.99 


Ganador(a) del premio "Visita Andalucía"
Granada: La Alhambra
Una ciudad española: Torremolinos


We used to teach our students about the Moorish influence at the advanced levels. Here is the opportunity not only to admire the architecture but also to counter stereotypes and racism. Your students will walk through the Alhambra and practice gustar. They will choose a place to visit in Andalucía and also spend the day at one of Spain’s most popular holiday resorts, Torremolinos. Deductive thinking skills and important information about Muslim Spain are the corner stones of the three thematic units

    • Subject matter: Andalucía: places, people, history
    • Vocabulary: house, hotel, tourism; numbers; meals
    • Grammar: gustar, interesar, encantar, preferir; por la mañana, por la tarde, por la noche
    • Oral practice: interview, an exceptional building, the Alhambra; visit Torremolinos
    • Homework: Decision on place to visit; a postcard; visit Torremolinos
    • Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search