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Submit cultural materials for publication.

Do you want to publish your materials?

  • Miraflores accepts submissions for both French and Spanish cultural materials.
  • We will analyze them and give you feed-back.
  • Should we decide to publish, we will contact you personally.
A check list for submissions:
  1. Culture must be its main aim.
  2. Your manuscript can be written, visual or audio.
  3. The only language acceptable is the target language. For example, if you are submitting for Spanish, everything, including all instructions and notes, must be in Spanish. No other language may appear on the page, unless it is an explanatory footnote.
  4. We accept all formats and all lengths.

If your manuscript is accepted, you will be asked to sign a legally binding document.

Our responsibility:

  1. We make an editorial decision to accept or reject your MS.
  2. We buy the MS outright.
  3. Once the MS belongs to Miraflores, we are allowed to amend it according to our needs.
  4. We are allowed to add images and audio.
  5. We are allowed to sell the materials on our website.
  6. We are allowed to set and amend the price.