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Thematic Cultural Units*

Each unit includes:

  • a pre-reading exercise
  • a level specific reading
  • one or two comprehension exercises
  • a vocabulary extension exercise
  • a level specific grammar exercise
  • an oral exercise
  • a written assignment
  • a vocabulary list
  • key words to facilitate an Internet search
  • a complete answer key
  • some units have both a teacher's guide and model tests

Every exercise, including those that review the grammar have additional information and continue the theme presented in the reading. For example, in the chapter about Napoleon, every exercise, reading, vocabulary, grammar, oral and written, deals with this theme. The vocabulary of the family is reviewed through Napoleon's family and the student discovers how he crowned various siblings and expanded his empire. Thus the student at the elementary level is learning meaningful information about the French speaking world while reviewing grammar, practicing orally and writing. Students can do further research on the topic by using the key words at the end of each unit.

* This is not a sequential series and each copy master can be used independently.


In the classroom

  • for the entire class
  • for a specific student or group of students who can work at an accelerated pace
  • to prepare for oral presentations on different subjects

For research topics

  • allowing students with different interests to pursue them within the context of a different language and a different culture
  • allowing students to expand their interests

Spanish/French club

  • to introduce topics of discussion and interest
  • to organize the club's cultural content for an entire year

Student trips

  • to prepare students who will visit a specific location
  • to help travel in space (virtual travel)